I strongly recommend Helena as your real estate professional in Silicon Valley!

I'm completely satisfied with all of her services during my first purchase of a house in the US.
I was so worried as I didn't have much knowledge about buying a house in the US, but, with
Helena's professional and friendly help, I was able to buy the first house I decided to buy within
less than a month although I have never had a chance to visit the new house due to the international
travel restrictions under the Covid19!
I was really impressed with her capability of making successful and strong offer even under this Covid19 situation.
Because this was the international transaction, we faced many issues along the way, but she handled them
very effectively and solved many issues in a timely manner. She also did her best in follow-up services after the closing
even though it was not exactly her responsibilities as my agent. I was so lucky to have her as my agent and
I recommend her as your real estate agent as well. I will definitely contact her again if I have another chance to
buy or sell the house in Silicon Valley. Thank you, Helena!

Eunha Kim

Great experience of selling our home

After nearly 40 years and memories with this house, we decided to move on and sell this house.
Fear was the “first emotion" when we start discussion with our Realtor Helena Choi; the fear set in because of
our ignorance on selling house. We had no experiences on selling houses. From the first meeting, planning/timeline,
touch up the house, cleaning, staging and taking photos, she managed the timeline with great details.
She is a “true Perfectionist.” She touched every step from the first meeting to closing of the escrow, with accuracy,
transparencies, responsiveness. The results were exceeded our expectation. The house was sold in three days with
over 7% over our asking price in shelter in place, Covid-19 pandemic situation. Her enthusiasm at the first meeting
melt away our fears; we said to ourselves we can do this with her. She gave us clear end goal and what it takes to
get there. And the second is her transparency on the process, she explained all the steps and why she is doing
a certain way - provide us the market trends and explain what these means. She gained our trust through
these transparent actions. We became a partner for the process. Same time, her responsiveness was excellent.
She responded for all the questions and concerns we had. She never leaves us any doubts – she responses
were concisely and timely - continuous and real time alignment each other. It was a great experience with
exceptional results!
Thank you, Helena C.

Ilyoung Hong, Insook Lucia Hong

Thanks for your great mind and fidelity to customer with a devotion

Buying a home in Silicon valley area is not a trivial process and it did not take a long time to realize where I stand
with my limited financial readiness and mindset. In the midst search of the right realtor for our family to meet
our special need and demand, we faced with Helena Choi as a buyer agent who has been played a crucial role for us
to provide more than what we need at the end.
She has wonderful personality to comfort us during the introductory meeting and demonstrated kin eyes
to see through the housing market trend in Silicon Valley area. Her predictions and determined suggestions
have never been wrong and right on the bulls eye all the time. This led us full trust on her all the way to the end
of purchasing process. Every single moment with Helena was never wasted and turns these into our assets of
market learning and insight to cumulate our confidence of house choice.

No one would believe that our bid was accepted out of 35 biddings on the house we just bought but
Helena made it happen and made our dream come true. (thanks Helena). During the difficult time of escrow closing
due to low appraisal, she did her magic to help us go through this process without our single drop of sweat by
negotiating sale price very last minute.

If you are looking for an agent working behalf of yourself, please look no more. We proudly recommend Helena Choi
at top of your list and you will never regret.

Kwan-ho Lee

We highly recommend her!

We finally got our first home in this crazy market because she helped us to find our place with her experiences and analysis.
She completely understands both market trend and clients’ needs. We highly recommend her!

- The Kims

Helena is very detail and data oriented realtor.

I had struggled finding good home for my wife and couple months old baby, after I chose her we continuously
struggled because we wanted to purchase better house than our budget, plus lot of offers were cash offers
which means we could not beat those offers. However, magically she found very nice and cozy place in Almaden
where we always wanted to live there, but out of budget. We submitted an offer and got confirmation in 24 hours
because she worked day and night with seller's agent.


- Jooyoung Lee

I truly recommend Helena!

I truly recommend Helena to anyone who's planning to purchase home in Silicon Valley.
It was my first time buying a house in the US, so I was quite worried as I didn't have much knowledge on what to do.
However, with Helena's professional and friendly service, everything went very smooth and
I was able to find a perfect place within a month! She does care about her clients and tries to help them.
I believe I was lucky to work with her because the whole process was rather enjoyable than stressful.
Thank you Helena!

- Junho Kim

I was very impressed.

Excellent understanding of market trend. Full & correct recognition of my(client's) demand.
Insight of catching Pros and Cons of the listed houses. Accurate forecasting of bidding.
These talented advantages are what I was impressed from Ms. Choi during our successful house hunting.

- Matt Hahm

I am so thankful to have Helena Choi as an agent

She have been professional and proactive. She negotiated with the seller and got us the house we loved
under the listing price while there were multiple bids. I appreciate her efforts.
We look forward to working with her again in the future.


She is simply the best!

I was very impressed with her commitment and capability to negotiate the price and terms for her client.
She helped me buy the property at a much lower price than list price even though the market was really hot,
and she had the seller fix all the repairs. She is simply the best realtor!

- Harrison Kim

Thanks to her, now I have my dream place.

There are many real estate agents who would put their own interests above that of their clients.
And there is Helena Choi, who would work relentlessly day and night for her clients. She literally
would pick up her phone in the middle of night or text me back within 30 minutes whenever I contacted
her asking all the silliest questions as a first time homebuyer (Who wouldn't? It's your first time).
Before Helena, I had been warned by many friends about the nightmare scenarios of buying a house
in Silicon Valley and many of them actually had given up on buying a house after the months of vigorous efforts.
However, I was able to buy my first place within 2 months of searching in the best location I could have ever
thought of Helena's help. Too good to be true? Not with Helena!
I highly recommend her to be your realtor for your home buying process.
Thanks to her, now I have my dream place!

- H.Y. Kim

Thank you very much for all the work you did to find us a wonderful home!

I know you were a very major part of not only selling our townhouse at a great price, but also,
in finding a home that really fits our family. I know at times, I was demanding and stressed but,
thank you for your patience and keeping to your promise of finding the best home for us.
I would be happy to recommend or refer you to any of my friends or colleagues.
I think you have proven to us that you are very caring about your clients wishes and also,
very capable to make your clients happy. I really think that you will become more and more successful.
I truly wish the best luck on your endeavors.

- Jin Hyun Kim & Min Young Shin

I strongly recommend Helena as your real estate professional.

I'm completely satisfied with all of her services during our first purchase of a single home,
which was an enormous success. We're very happy with our purchase in every aspect: price, location, quality, etc.
She provided very practical and useful advices in taking directions. In addition, she always made sure
we were satisfied with each decision we made along the way.

Buying a first home in Silicon Valley is extremely tough these days. I was really impressed with her capability
of making successful and strong offers in such a fierce and fast-moving market.
We faced many issues along the way, but she handled them very effectively and
solved many issues in a timely manner, which is a key quality of a successful realtor.
She also does her best in follow-up services after the purchase.

I also appreciate her fast and professional communication skills and her quick understanding of
our changing situations. Our case was not an easy one because we had 4 decision makers involved.
But, Helena really dealt with the complicated situations in a smart way and I think
she saved a lot of drama and emotional roller coasters in our family.

She's very passionate about what she does. I think that's a truly valuable quality of a realtor
because there are too many surprises and frustration in buying/selling a property.
Choosing a competent realtor like Helena will not only affect your success in buying a perfect property you want,
but also your overall purchase experience. Looking back, choosing Helena to represent us was critical to the success
in buying our current dream house. She's the best!

- Rick Gyusik Kim

I always thank Helena for her competency and trust worthiness.

I am confident that she can help me of any real estate needs and take care of it.
When I bought a home, she checked all the details as if she bought her own home.
When I sold my home, she did her best to get the top dollar for me.
I will definitely work with her again to buy another home soon.

I truly wish her best luck and God's blessing on her !"

- Harrison Jang

We were so lucky to meet Helena Choi as our realtor.

The first step of 'buying a house' is meeting an outstandingly capable realtor.
Regarding this idea, we were so lucky to meet Helena Choi. When we visited open house,
it was very difficult to decide which house was right for our family. Some houses were new, others were old,
some were well decorated and others were not. Schools, location, neighborhood, size etc. were only some of
the many factors to be considered. But Helena made it easy for us to choose the house that fit our real estate needs and plan.
Also, when we finally found 'our home', she helped us buy a house at the best price and assisted us with
appropriate advices until closing of escrow. We heartily appreciate her help and we are confident that
she will be a good friend and a trust worthy consultant of our real estate plan in the future.

- Sang Un Choi & Hyun Sun Kim

You were always at my side.

Thank you for your professional help in selling my home from the beginning to close of escrow.
You were always at my side to represent my best interests and negotiate the price and terms on my behalf. Thanks again.

- Steve Kim

I definitely recommend Helena.

I still remember the first meeting with you. I was not ready to buy a house and didn't know what to do
and how to do. But, I am a homeowner with your professional service finally.
You advised important things to search good neighborhoods and provided me with listings.
You also talked about the pros and cons of the house when we visit the open houses.
It helped to decide offer. The best thing with you is that you know real estate market very well and
made an appropriate offer. I also appreciate that you reviewed all disclosures carefully and confirmed details
with the seller's agent. I definitely recommend your service to those who want to be a homeowner like me.
Thank you very much!

- Hyo Sung Kim & Jung Eun Park

Thank you for your great services in our real estate needs.

We were so happy working with you. You helped us buy this beautiful home at our offer price even though the seller got a
much higher price than ours. We look forward to working with you again in the future transaction. Thank you so much!

- Young Kun Kim & Yoo Soon Kim

Thank you for helping me!

Thank you Helena for helping me purchase a great income property!
You were a fierce negotiator, stayed on top of all inspections and all facets of the transaction.
I truly believe you got the best price for the property. Thank you for following up even after closing of escrow.
Thank you for your honesty and great friendly personality.
I will definitely recommend your services to anyone looking to purchase or sell property.

- MJ Ro

I strongly recommend Helena Choi as your real estate agent.

She is the person who really knows what she does and stay responsible until the last minute of work.
I felt that there's no better person at explaining all the details necessary for the contract and documents
when I purchased my house, and even after everything's been completed,
she tried to be careful if by any chance anything else is missing. She is very sincere as a person and a worker
who can make your purchase experience easy and comfortable.
I am glad and feel lucky that I met such a trustworthy consultant for the event.

- Kwang Sook Kim

It was great working with you.

You were not like a business associate, but more like a true friend who was always devoted and
dedicated for me. I thank you for your hard work, diligence and professional services. I want to work with you again in the future!

- Hye Kyung Kwon

I was lucky to have Helena as my agent.

I had a short deadline to find a new place and that was a big stress for me. For the first weekend of attending to open houses,
I found a decent place that I wanted to make an offer. Because Helena worked so hard and fast on the process of purchasing this home,
I was able to move in on time. I will say, Helena was very helpful and friendly agent that I would definitely recommend to others.

Thank you so much Helena! :)"

- Jean L.

I could not thank you enough.

Thank you for helping me purchase a great investment property in San Jose.
You checked everything in details and got me this home within my short time frame.
I could not thank you enough and always appreciate your efforts for me.

- Dong Soo Jang

You were so professional and helpful.

Helena, it was a great experience to work with you. Thanks for your hard work and smooth transaction!

- Grace Lee

Thank you for helping us purchase our home.

I was really happy with your professional services in our real estate needs.
Also, I was impressed with your warm-hearted personality and your passion for work. Thanks again.

- Young W. Kim

Thank you so much!

I still can not believe I have my home in this Silicon Valley. I truly thank you for your kindness, caring,
and all the explanations of the properties in details. Thanks for your professional help,
I purchased a home with Cupertino schools in good neighborhood and good location so smoothly.

- Hee Yeon Lee

Thank you for the service!

I got a place I am very satisfied with. I hope your work continue to go well!

- Anonymous

Thank you for your professional services!

I will work with you again in the future.

- J H Lee

Helena is trustworthy.

First and the most important quality in working with a real estate agent is 'Trust". From the very first step till the last,
we had a steadfast belief in her ability to abide by and adhere to the core principle that she works for you and
your best interests above all the others. The belief comes from trusting her ability, her principles and her work
ethics. Not only that, Helena is an excellent communicator, with minor and major issues, she keeps you informed of
anything and everything in a transparent and clear way. The last but the least, she is a detail oriented and task
oriented person who tackles the project with expediency and accuracy.

To sum up who Helena is:
1. Trustworthy
2. Excellent communicator
3. Detail oriented and task oriented
4. Going beyond and above her job descriptions in terms of helping the client.

Not only we have been extremely satisfied with her services in our real estate needs, but also we feel very fortunate
to have her on our side, especially when we bought a property sight unseen from overseas.
How can you conduct such an important business without trusting her completely?

Edwin Jr Sagurton & Eunju Sagurton